Things to do in St Marys

If you ever find yourself in St Marys, NSW, and need to find some things to do to keep you entertained, you won’t have to look around for long before settling on something, as there is plenty to do, including:

  • Inflatable World

  • Jetpack Adventures Sydney

St Marys is a suburb in New South Wales that is named after the parish church of St Mary Magdalene, built between 1837 and 1840, and situated between the Great Western Highway and King Street. The town has a population of around 13,000 and plenty of activities, both historic and recreational, to keep visitors entertained.  Learn more here.

Inflatable World

Inflatable world in downtown St Marys has tons of fun in a family friendly environment, tailored for children. With 12 other attractions and 346 restaurants located within a 5 mile vicinity, there is a lot to do both before and after your time there. Inflatable world has a stellar reputation for entertaining entire families over the course of an afternoon, and is ideal to host childrens’ birthday parties, and even has staff supervision to give the parents a break while the kids have fun. Learn more about Have Fun With Animals in St Marys.