Shanes Park, New South Wales, is a suburb of Sydney, located in the central part of the state of New South Wales. The suburb is situated fifty kilometers west of the central business district of the city of Sydney and is part of the greater metropolitan area of the city of Sydney. It is an affluent suburb that has a high concentration of commercial properties. The suburb has four main streets that run parallel to the main roads of Sydney. These streets include Leichhardt, Hunter, Macquarie, and Merivale. St Marys NSW information can be seen at this link.

The Shanes Park area is home to many residents who have a great deal of disposable income. This is why it is one of Sydney’s best suburbs. The houses are usually quite expensive as they are well situated in the main business districts of Sydney and nearby areas. The houses are usually located on the top floors of residential buildings that have a huge view of Sydney and the bay. The houses are not far from the city center so people can easily commute from Sydney to their homes in Shanes Park. Residents of Shanes Park also have access to the shopping and entertainment areas of the Central Business District in Sydney. Discover facts about Shalvey, New South Wales, Australia-A Popular Suburb In New South Wales.

Shanes Park also has a number of recreational areas for residents and visitors. The area is connected to the WestConnex motorway project and the MetroNorth Railroad. Residents can access these areas easily using public transport. There are also a number of parks located in the vicinity of the suburb. Some of these parks are home to small children or the elderly. The park is also very close to the Central Business District, which is home to many banks and financial institutions. Residents of Shanes Park can easily access the shopping areas of the Central Business District and various entertainment venues that are located nearby.

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