Located on the coast of the Great Dividing Range of the Northern Territory, Werrington is a small community of 2.5km in circumference and it is one of the smallest communities located in New South Wales. It is located on the edge of Alice Springs, in the Southern Australian outback. The settlement has a population of only 200 people, which includes some of its permanent residents as well as some who reside temporarily in this area. Its population is made up of the descendants of many families from all over Australia who migrated to the area more than a century ago. Some of these families include those from Broken Hill, and others include those who migrated to the area before the Great Depression, and others included the families who came as refugees from World War II. See more here.

This small town has different cultures and people living here have come from different walks of life. The main groups living in Werrington are the Aborigines, who have lived in this area since the first settlers arrived here, and the Chinese, who settled here after World War II. There are also families who came with the migrants from the United Kingdom who settled in the area between 1940 and 1960. Another group who can be found in this area are the Aborigines who were displaced by the settlers and arrived here to look for alternative places to live. A number of other groups also reside here, including the First Nations and European migrants who also came to this area when the area was still a wilderness. Other immigrant groups came to this area from the United States, and there are also some families who came from other areas of Australia. See here for information about Information About Shanes Park, New South Wales, Australia.

As a small new settlement, Werrington has only one grocery store, a few restaurants, and a school. The place is very quiet and peaceful, despite its size, as there is very little in the way of commercialism or urban development. The place has a number of shops selling all sorts of things, but most of them are focused on local products and services. Most of the people in this area are employed as farmers or other kinds of workers in the region. People who live in this area are predominantly from indigenous Australian stock.

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