Trench Mesh chairs for concreting provide support for both reinforcing mesh and bar, ensuring that the correct cover of concrete over the reinforcement is achieved.

Trench mesh chairs are sturdy and can be utilized in a variety of residential settings, including strip footings, raft slabs, and foundations. They also come in three distinct sizes with clip-on attachments.

Trench mesh bar chairs are used for concreting, ensuring that the correct cover of concrete over reinforcement is achieved. They can be easily installed and removed with common tools, such as a shovel and hammer.

How many trench mesh chairs will I need?

Allow for one chair per square metre on average. This factor may rise to 1 chair per every 0.64M2 – 800x800mm square, depending on the weight of mesh required in the slab. We have a useful guide on how to lay trench mesh which contains further information.

Trench Mesh Chairs