Shalvey, New South Wales, is an area of Sydney, in Victoria’s Greater Dandenong Ranges. Shalvey is situated about 40 kilometers from the center of the city of Sydney, within the metropolitan area of the city of Blacktown and lies within the Greater Western Sydney area. Shalvey was once known as Lake Shale. This name was changed to Shalvey in 1878 to coincide with the construction of a reservoir. Shalvey has been called a “working man’s paradise” due to the low crime rate and the close proximity to work and shopping in Blacktown. There is also a railway line in Shalvey connecting to the city’s central business area. More can be found here.

Shalvey houses many businesses, including a large departmental store, an insurance agency, and an art gallery. Shalvey has a relatively large population that consists of both men and women, and both ethnicities. Shalvey was one of Sydney’s biggest slum areas in its early days, and it was not until the construction of the reservoir that the area saw a resurgence in popularity. Shalvey has always had a strong economy, but has never really been a hot place to live. It is the middle-class population of Shalvey that contributes most to the area’s popularity. Shalvey boasts a wide array of restaurants and boutiques. Shalvey is also known for having some of Australia’s oldest pubs. Learn more about About Oxley Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Shalvey offers plenty of attractions for the tourist as well as residents. A tramway runs through the streets of Shalvey. Another popular attraction is the Shalvey Racecourse, which offers horse racing as part of its entertainment. This racecourse attracts thousands of people on a daily basis, and it is one of Australia’s premier horse racing destinations. Shalvey, New South Wales, is also home to a major movie production company, which offers movies in a number of different genres. As well as providing a number of facilities for film-making and other entertainment. Shalvey has a strong economy that is supported by its large population.

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