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St Marys reinforcing mesh, or “reo mesh,” is used to improve the tensile strength of concrete and to prevent cracks from forming in structural elements. It is manufactured from welded wire fabric or prefabricated steel reinforcement material and it comes in a variety of sizes, most commonly square grid or rectangular patterns. 

  • Square Mesh

  • Rectangular Mesh

Reozone is one of New South Wales’ leading steel reinforcement suppliers, and is based in Western Sydney. With over 30 years of experience, we specialise in supplying concrete reinforcing mesh, reinforcement bar, rebar, expansion joints, formwork, and associated accessories. Learn more here.

Square Mesh

Square Mesh is a general purpose, concrete reinforcing mesh. Square mesh is utilised for flat concrete areas such as floors and walls. D500L grade ribbed wires are welded together during manufacture in order to make the square apertures. Ribbed square mesh can also be used to reinforce concrete slabs for driveways, patios, pavement areas, sheds, precast panels, and other flat concrete elements. It is basically a general purpose galvanized mesh sheet, and it is a versatile reinforcing fabric that is ideal for many sorts of uses, and can be specifically manufactured for certain requirements. Learn more about Who to Call for Rebar in St. Marys.

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