You might have no clue as to what is mesh if you’re new to the industry. What mesh is used for is to provide an essential part of the slab design when installing a metal floor deck. And if you want the best mesh for residential, commercial, or industrial needs, Reozone Steel Reinforcement, St. Marys, will offer you the best solution for your reinforcing mesh needs. When talking about the composite slab, it cannot perform as designed without reinforcing mesh even when the composite steel deck profile offers the tensile reinforcement at the bottom of the piece. Further facts about St Marys NSW can be found here.

Why You Need Reinforcing Mesh?

You will see various reasons you need reinforcing mesh in a composite slab and some of the primary reasons include:

  • To contribute to the fire resistance of the completed slab.
  • To aid the efficient distribution of loadings. This aspect is especially vital where high concentrated loads like wall line loads, wheel point loads, etc. are applied to the slab.
  • To control cracking within the slab. It is crucial to note that mesh reinforcement may not prevent cracking, and you will need to control the size and amount of cracks.

Several aspects of the design criteria and the slab’s specification will determine the mesh requirement within the slab. If you’re in doubt, contact Reozone Steel Reinforcement, St. Marys, and their experts will be glad to attend to you. Information about Rebar vs. Wire Mesh: Which is Better can be found here. 

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