Reozone has all of the options – and answers –  that you may need

When it comes to purchasing reinforcing mesh in St. Mary’s or Sydney, many clients have lots of questions pertaining to its applicability, durability, and the options for its dimensions. Reozone, luckily, has all of the answers they need. Reinforcing mesh is used in order to improve the tensile strength of concrete and to prevent cracks from forming in the concrete’s structural elements. The mesh is manufactured from welded wire fabric or prefabricated steel reinforcement material and comes in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Ute Mesh

  • Trench Mesh

Reozone has been in business for more than thirty years and has grown into one of the most trusted steel reinforcement suppliers in all of New South Wales. They take great pride in supplying only the best premium grade steel reinforcement, formwork, rebars, and other accessories to their customers. Information can be found here.


Ute Mesh

Ute Mesh is specifically designed and manufactured to fit safely onto the back of utes and trucks without causing any dangerous overhand. Given their size, sheets of ute mesh are able to be handled by just one person, so they are easy to transport.  See here for information about Who Sells Reinforcing Mesh in Sydney.

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