You will have two options when it comes to reinforcing your concrete: wire mesh and fiber mesh. Though there are distinct differences between the two, each of them is quite sufficient in minimizing cracking and structural damage. You can get the full details of both of them by contacting experts at Reozone Steel Reinforcement, St. Marys. See more here.

Fiber Mesh

Fibrous materials such as steel fibers, natural fibers, glass fibers, and synthetic fibers are the byproduct of fiber mesh. It is commonly used in driveways, patios, and sidewalks. And through the wet concrete, you will distribute this mesh evenly instead of laid down before the concrete pour. You can reduce water loss from the concrete and also enhance its structural integrity when you use fiber mesh. See here for information about When is Reinforcing Mesh Necessary.

Wire Mesh

When you are looking to make more durable concrete and increase its strength, you can use wire mesh.  Before pouring commences, you need to cover the area where you will lay the concrete with mesh. You will position the wire mesh in the middle by lifting it as the concrete is poured to prevent steel reinforcement. This reinforcement type is similar to a two-dimensional grid that plays a vital role in its support.

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