Reozone can help

An Reo bar is a type of steel reinforcement that is used to reinforce concrete structures in order to further fortify and bond the concrete into a compressed state. Once the concrete is compressed, it lacks tensile strength. By adding the reo bar, you are able to significantly increase the concrete’s overall tensile strength. Patterned surfaces are often included in the reo bar’s manufacture in order to further assist with its bond to the concrete. You can get reo bars in a few variations, including:

  • Plain Round Reo Bar

  • Footing Bars Z Bar

Reozone is one of New South Wales’ leading steel reinforcement suppliers, and is based in western Sydney. Reozone has over 30 years of experience, and specialises in supplying its clients with concrete reinforcing mesh, reinforcement bar rebar, expansion joints, formwork, and other associated accessories as needed. St Marys NSW can be seen here.

Plain Round Reo Bar

Plain round bars are typically used for the separation of mesh within concrete slabs, and its applications include industrial, infrastructure, and commercial uses. They are commonly used on footings, beams, walls, partition panels, ties, lifting, slabs, columns, precast products, and concrete piers, in addition to other places. Click here to read about Where to find a Reinforcing Bar Sydney.

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