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Reo Bar, or “Reinforcing bar,” as it also is known, is a sort of steel reinforcement bar that is utilised for reinforcing concrete structures in order to fortify and bond the concrete into a compressed state. Once compressed, concrete is sturdy, but lacks its tensile strength. By adding a reo bar, you are able to considerably increase the tensile strength of the concrete being reinforced. Patterned surfaces are often included in the reinforcing bar manufacture in order to better assist with its bond to the concrete. There are numerous types of reinforcing bars you can purchase, including:

  • Deformed Reinforcing Bars

  • Plain Round Reinforcing bars

With over three decades of experience, Reozone is one of New South Wales top Steel Reinforcement Suppliers, and is based out of western Sydney. We specialise in the supply of concrete reinforcing mesh, reinforcement bar rebar, expansion joints, formwork, and associated accessories. Information can be found here.

Deformed Reinforcing Bars

Reozone supplies the complete range of deformed reinforcing bars, in D500N standard grade, whose uses include columns, prefabricated beams, precast products, and cages. This product is popular with both residential and industrial applications. These can be cut to specifically match the unique requirements of your project. See here for information about The Company with the Best Reinforcing Mesh in St. Marys.

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