Reozone should be your go-to

Rebars, also known as reinforcing bars, are a type of steel reinforcement that is utilised for reinforcing concrete structures in order to better fortify and bond the concrete into a compressed state. When the concrete is compressed, it is still sturdy but it lacks tensile strength. When a rebar is added, you’re able to considerably increase the concrete’s tensile strength. Rebars also often include patterned surfaces to better assist with their bond to the concrete. Rebars come in many shapes and sizes, including: 

  • Threaded Bars

  • Pool Steel

With over 30 years as a steel reinforcement supplier, Reozone provides an incomparable, quality-based service. As one of New South Wales’ leading suppliers, they supply concrete reinforcing mesh, reinforcement bar rebar, expansion joints, formwork, and associated accessories. St Marys NSW information can be seen at this link.

Threaded Bars

Threaded rebars are used for mechanical splices. They provide general fastening in infrastructure and commercially-related products. The Reozone stainless steel threaded bar is one continuous rod that includes 50mm thread to allow for a nut to be screwed on either end, and these bars are supplied in sizes of 12mm, 16mm, and 20m, each 600mm long. They also can be cut to a custom length size. Discover facts about The Preferred St. Marys Rebar Supplier.

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