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We are one of New South Wales leading Steel Reinforcement Suppliers based in Western Sydney. With over 30 years experience we specialise in the supply of Concrete Reinforcing Mesh, Reinforcement Bar – Rebar, Expansion Joints, Formwork, and associated Accessories.

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Concrete Reinforcement Steel Built Tough

With over 30 years experience as a steel reinforcement supplier, Reozone provides an incomparable, quality-assured service throughout N.S.W.

What separates Reozone from other concrete reinforcing mesh suppliers is our approach to business and the experience we have in the residential, commercial, mining and industrial sectors.

Specialising not only in reinforcing bar products, but also house slab packages, waffle pods, formwork, expansion joints, concrete and scheduling and other reinforcing accessories; there is virtually no limit to what Reozone can provide.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS3600-2009 (Concrete Structures) and AS/NZS4671-2001 (Steel Reinforcing for Concrete) standards so you know you are receiving a product you can trust.

Steel Reinforcement Supplier

Steel Reinforcement You Can Trust

Reozone has been in business since 2010 and we have built a business model based on the determination to provide the best steel reinforcement service possible to our clients in the shortest time.

No matter what the size of the project, we provide our clients with not only speed, efficiency and dependability, but also a level of assurance and simplicity.

Over the past 30 years, our staff have supplied Rebar and other concrete reinforcing mesh products for construction projects in Sydney and across New South Wales, making Reozone one of the most experienced concrete reinforcing mesh suppliers in Australia.

We take pride in supplying only the best premium-grade steel reinforcement, formwork, concrete reinforcing bar or Rebar, and associated accessories to our customers. Our concreting products are able to be used for building projects of all sizes and our staff are able to assist with helping you find the right product for your building needs.


A lack of scheduling knowledge and experience can quickly bring a project to its knees. Being able to handle lead times (overlap of activities) and lag times (delays of completion for a predecessor activity before the successor can start) is crucial. Reozone can provide Scheduling services to ensure work is performed as required, appropriate resources are allocated and events sequences are defined and documented.

Reozone can arrange for Galvanising of all reinforcing mesh & bar products for your projects. Reozone uses Galvanisers that adhere to the relevant Australian Standards to ensure that you receive quality products every time.
Reozone can supply prefabricated reinforcement cages aimed at helping customers raise productivity on their projects. We do this by working closely with customers to deliver solutions that are customised to the project. Prefabrication of Footings, Beams & Columns are all possible. Prefabrication can increase productivity, decrease wastage and result in time savings on your project
Reozone can provide Cupolex Structural Dome System packages, including Engineering, Estimating, Material Supply, Placement. Reozone also has an efficient program that is designed to calculate complete slab packages including reinforcement, waffle pods, concrete and accessories.
We know things don’t always go to plan and there can be occassions when you need products delivered as a matter of urgency. That is why we offer an optional Urgent Delivery Service to ensure you get your products when you need them and how you need them.


We supply trench mesh, square or rectangular mesh and ute mesh in a range of sizes and specifications for projects needing steel reinforced concrete for construction.


Our steel reo bar considerably boosts the tensile strength of your concrete structure. Our range includes deformed, plain round, ribbed wire, footing bars, threaded bars and more.


We stock a complete range of concrete reinforcing accessories including Waffle Pods, Concrete Bar Chairs, Metal Bar Chairs, Polythene Building Film, Dowel Bars and much more!

Our Friendly Staff Are Ready To Assist

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff via the contact form below or phone us on (02) 8821-7240 with any questions you may have.

With offices in St Marys and Minchinbury we currently service all areas of Sydney and greater New South Wales.

We are 100% committed to providing all of our clients with a service that cannot be replicated elsewhere. We make it our mission to ensure our customers are provided with the most efficient and professional service.

Our Office Hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 4:30pm (St Marys and Minchinbury)

Reozone is growing to become one of Australia’s leading steel reinforcement suppliers. Offering a range of concrete reinforcing mesh and associated products including Reo mesh, Rebar, Waffle Pods and Metal Bar Chairs just to name a few you can be sure we have products to suit your needs.

ACRS Steel Certification
QAS International Certification

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Reozone proudly support the Penrith branch of the NSW State Emergency Service.

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