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Concrete Formwork

Reozone specialise in the supply of a complete range of Concrete Formwork for construction projects of all sizes.

Concrete Formwork basically holds concrete in shape whilst the mixture sets and hardens. It is installed before any concrete is poured and has various uses including flooring and slabs. Each installation needs to ensure the formwork is level so that a nice even finish is achieved.

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Bondek Equivalent Concrete Formwork

We can supply quality Bondek Equivalent Formwork which can be utilised for ceiling systems and structural decking of concrete slabs.

Our products can be used as permanent formwork and are quick and simple to install with minimal handling. The product itself has a strong strength and reduced deflection which enhances its spanning capability. As the product can act as a composite slab, benefits include savings on reinforcement costs and concrete materials.

Even though formwork is only for temporary use, it needs to be able to carry heavy loads resulting from the mass of newly laid concrete and construction materials, workers and equipment according to AS 3610 Formwork for Concrete.

There is minimal propping needed and no requirement for stripping. The yield strength of 550 MPa is equivalent to Bondek products and the width length of 600mm can be supplied in gauges of 0.75mm or 1.00mm. Pricing is in per m2.

Suitable applications include Commercial and Residential floor slab construction as well as various industrial applications.

Bondek Concrete Formwork