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Waffle Pods

Waffle Pods are an innovative system utilised during the construction of concrete slabs for new residential homes, extensions to existing buildings or commercial buildings. Reozone are one of Sydney’s leading Waffle Pod suppliers. Order today for fast delivery!

Benefits of Waffle Pods include the ability to more accurately predict required concrete quantities, reduction of waste and an increase in construction efficiency. There is minimal disturbance of soil and you won’t need to worry about the disposal of excavated matter from trenches.

The Institution of Engineers Australia awarded the Waffle Pod System with an Engineering Excellence Award. The system itself is designed to comply with Australian Quality Standard AS 2870-2011 Residential Slabs and Footings.

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Reozone can supply Waffle Pods promptly in various sizes, please refer to our Sizing Table below. We provide Pod Delivery Services across the entire Sydney Metro area.

There are many advantages to using Waffle Pods. They are able to reduce intensive labour trenching as they are installed on-ground instead of in-ground. Installation occurs on cleared level surfaces which means wet weather won’t be an issue and each waffle pod slab provides tremendous strength as well as durability whilst also reducing construction costs.

Waffle Pods are lightweight but are built strong and can handle the weight of numerous building workers and wet concrete during the site prep and pour. Use our calculation formulas if you are wanting to estimate how many waffle pods accessories you will need.

The Waffle Pod Slab System refers to a technologically advanced method of concrete slab construction that involves building ‘on-ground’ instead of ‘in-ground’. This process removes the need for trenching, reduces building costs, and improves construction durability and strength.
Waffle pod slabs are highly efficient in vibration control, which makes this construction method an especially good choice for buildings carrying heavy weight loads, such as commercial buildings with high amounts of traffic. However, this construction method is also helpful for any residential, commercial, or industrial building.

Using waffle pod slabs has numerous advantages. Here are a few reasons why they are good.

  1. Simpler, faster preparation and building process
  2. Waffle pods use less concrete and will cost about 30% less than conventional slabs
  3. Structural stability and decreased tendency to crack
  4. Improved structure safety and longevity
  5. Easier installation of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes
  6. Less waste and a reduced environmental impact
A rigid foam layer under the concrete slabs separates the slab from the soil and provides an additional insulation layer. This foam allows for better temperature control within the building, especially in cold climates.
A waffle slab has a flat top and a grid-like bottom surface with joists. Reinforcing steel mesh or steel bars fill the space between the pods. After pouring and setting the concrete, the polystyrene pods are removed, creating a waffle-like structure.

Both construction methods are useful under the right circumstances. While waffle pod slabs are cost-effective and easier and cheaper to construct, some builders prefer raft slabs in certain site conditions.

Raft slabs are best for:

  • Very soft ground, especially if it’s prone to movement or erosion
  • Sloping building sites
  • Areas with lots of high winds or cyclones

Calculations are simple enough when using the Waffle Pod Slab System.

  1. To find the number of waffle pods per concrete slab, you need to divide the total area m^2 by 1.51.
  2. For the number of 4-way spacers, multiply the number of waffle pods X 1.4
  3. For the number of 2-way spacers, divide the number of 4-way spacers by 3
  4. For the trench mesh chairs, divide perimeter beam length by 1.2
  5. For the number of Bar Chairs, multiply the number of waffle pods X 3
Without proper care, pests can get under any type of slab. The construction team must ensure thorough drainage from the building site and cover any areas that pests could access.
If the construction team works properly, a waffle pod is about as likely to crack as a conventional slab. In both methods, slab thickness ranges between 85 and 110 mm. Cracking can be an issue if the builders don’t make the concrete level thick enough or don’t keep a consistent level.

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Polystyrene waffle pods have allowed for significant improvements in slab construction. In summary, they enable stronger, better engineered slabs to be built quicker and more efficiently over historical methods. Given they aren’t affected by water, trenches won’t cave during the construction process. An insultation benefit of up to R1.0 (W/mk thermal resistance) is also achieved.

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