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Reinforcing Bar

Reo Bar or Reinforcing Bar as it is also known is a type of steel reinforcement utilised for reinforcing concrete structures in order to fortify and bond the concrete in a compressed state.

When compressed, concrete is sturdy but lacks what is known as tensile strength. By adding Reo Bar you are able to considerably increase the overall tensile strength of the concrete that is reinforced. Patterned surfaced are often included in the reinforcing bar manufacture to assist with its bond to the concrete.

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Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Type D500N, available in diameters ranging from 12mm to 36mm. We have the ability to cut, bend and thread our deformed reinforcing bars to meet your specific needs.

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Plain Round Reinforcing Bar

Plain Round Reo Bar

Normal Ductility Class Plain Round Bars, Type 250N, available in 6-metre stock lengths and diameter sizes ranges from 6mm to 20mm. Meets Australian Quality Standards AS4671-2001.

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Z Bars

Footing Bars Z Bar

Z shaped ligatures primarily utilised to create a positive connection between the concrete slab and the corresponding footing beam reinforcement.

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Threaded Bar

Threaded Bar

Designed and manufactured to be utilised for mechanical splices. The threading allows for bolts, nuts and other types of fasteners to be screwed on the bar.

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Pool Steel

Pool Steel

An easily cut and bent reinforcing bar designed for installation in concrete swimming pools. Available in either 6m or 9m lengths and is compliant with Australian Standard 2783.

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Reo Bar Sizes

We are able to supply a variety of diameters or sizes including 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm and 36mm. Our stock lengths include 6m, 9m, 12m, 16m, 20m and we can of course fabricate something specifically for your needs.

We manufacture and stock a complete range of Normal Ductility Class Deformed Reo Bar (Type 500N), Normal Ductility Class Plain Round (Type 250N), Low Ductility Class Ribbed Wire (Type 500L) as well as Dowel Bars Plain Round (Type 250N) with Friction cut both ends and Circular Ties (R10mm) Plan Bar.

When you buy from Reozone you know you are buying products which have been made in Australia from one of the leading steel reinforcement suppliers. We take pride in the quality of our materials and only supply the very best.


  • 6mm

  • 10mm

  • 12mm

  • 16mm

  • 20mm

  • 24mm

  • 28mm

  • 32mm

  • 36mm

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Reinforcing Bar Price

If you are looking for a competitive Galvanised Reinforcing Bar Price speak to one of our friendly staff today who will be able to provide you with prompt pricing based on your project size.

We can provide Price per Tonne quotes for Deformed, Normal Ductility Plan Round 250N and Ribbed Wire 500L bars and Price per item quotes for Plain Round Dowel Bars and Circular Ties.

We can provide prices for express shipping for those who need their order in hurry.

Reinforcement Bar Prices
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One of NSW’s Leading Reinforcement Bar Manufacturers

We have been in operation for over 30 years and are skilled staff are able to advise on the best reinforcement bar products to suit your projects unique requirements.

We have two offices in Minchinbury and St Marys and have been suppliers our extensive product range to customers across New South Wales.

We are 100% committed to providing a service to our clients that can’t be found elsewhere.

We only produce the highest quality material and all of our work adheres to relevant Australian Standards.

  • AS/NZS 4671 – 2001 Steel reinforcing materials
  • AS 3600 – 2009 Concrete structures
  • AS 2870 – 2011 Residential slabs and footings – Construction
  • AS/NZS 1170 – 2002 Structural design actions
  • AS 1554.3 – 2008 Part 3: Welding of reinforced steels
  • AS 5100.5 – 2004 Bridge Design: Concrete
  • AS 1100-Part 501- 2002 – Technical drawing – Structural engineering drawing
  • AS 2327.1 – 2003 – Composite structures, Part 1: Simply supported beams

We have been in operation for more than 30 years and our skilled staff are able to advise on the best reinforcing bar (reo bar) products to suit your projects unique requirements.

ACRS Steel Certification
QAS International

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