Connolly Key Joints

Connolly Key Joints are an expansion joint that provides a durable and rigid straight line that can be utilised for expansion joint forming in either end of pour or continuous pour situations. They are basically a galvanized steel tongue and groove formwork which when installed joins the slab to form the control joint.

A Connolly peg and wedge system is used to hold the joint in place. Installation is quick and easy and delivers precise height adjustments. The rigid steel profiles produce straighter joints. Useful for controlling cracks on large slabs, including residential home slabs and industrial applications.

The system includes dowels, sleeves, expansion foam, wedges and pegs and is available in 6m lengths and 3 heights, 100, 150 and 200mm.

Connolly Key Joints
Expansion Joint

Connolly EXJ Expansion Joint System

The Connolly Expansion Joint is a continuous pour solution for expansion joints in slab on ground applications.

The straight profile guarantees that the load is transferred through the dowels only.

Connolly Expansion Joints are a roll-formed galvanised steel section with 10mm cross-linked foam to provide a leave in place formwork that allows for joint expansion. The profile is fixed in place using the patented peg and wedge system.

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