Crack-A-Joint are utilised instead of saw cutting to induce a full depth crack in concrete. Simply place the Crack-A-Joint in the wet concrete where needed along the joint line. Crack-A-Joint helps you to finish a slab on the same day without the need to come back and saw cut.

Reozone supply Crack-A-Joint in the standard 3m lengths in either plain, black, grey, sandstone or terracotta colours. The colours are attained by the use of permanent Rip-A-Strip capping. Each joint contains a tear off portion which leaves a clean recessed line after concrete setting.

Common applications include driveways, slabs and pavements.

Crack-A-Joint complies with associated Australian Quality Standard – AS 3727.1 : 2016 Residential Pavements.

Crack-A-Joint Expansion Joints
Crack Inducer

Crack Inducer Advantages

  • Finish the slab same day and don’t worry about returning to saw-cut

  • Can butt up to any edge
  • Joining clips can be utilised
  • During install, stays rigid
  • Four colour options
  • Capping with UV stabilisation
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Crack-A-Joint Product Colours

ReferenceDescriptionColourLength (mm)Width (mm)
CRAKJ25Plain Crack InducerNil300025
CRAKJ25BCrack Inducer with StripBlack300025
CRAKJ25GCrack Inducer with StripGrey300025
CRAKJ25SCrack Inducer with StripSandstone300025
CRAKJ25TCrack Inducer with StripTerracotta300025
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