Jointex Expansion Joints

Jointex Expansion Joints are a compressed hot-dipped bitumen impregnated joint filler (fibreboard) utilised to seal movement in concrete slab joints. The addition of bitumen provides Jointex with an adoptable shape to provide complete sealing. It is built tough and can handle the strains of installation and any concrete compaction.

Applications for these concrete expansion joints include driveways, kerbs, gutters, pathways, and aprons. It can also be used for sound insulation purposes or as formwork with plywood, timber or metal supports. It is termite resistant and waterproof to provide long-term durability. Seals joints against sand, debris, plant growth and dirt.

Jointex Expansion Joints

Bitumen Expansion Jointing

Reozone supply Jointex Bituminos Jointing in standard 2.4m lengths. Thickness is 10mm and a variety of hieghts are available from 50mm to 300mm.

Please browse the below chart for details on our complete range of Jointex products. If you have any questions are staff are on standby to assist, please don’t hesitate to give them a call or use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

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Jointex Expansion Joint Sizes

Reference Description Length (M) Width (mm)
JNTX50 10mm Bituminos 2400 50
JNTX75 10mm Bituminos 2400 75
JNTX100 10mm Bituminos 2400 100
JNTX125 10mm Bituminos 2400 125
JNTX150 10mm Bituminos 2400 150
JNTX200 10mm Bituminos 2400 200
JNTX250 10mm Bituminos 2400 250
JNTX300 10mm Bituminos 2400 300