Block Fill Concrete

Block Fill Concrete is a flowable mix utilised for the filling of cavity walls, Inspection holes, gully traps, hollow masonry blocks and difficult in-ground structures. We only supply quality Blockfill to assist with eliminating any pump blockages or rodding. It will form a tight pack around steel reinforcing rods.

Reozone supply in a 10mm Aggregate size with a 180mm slump.

We provide 20MPa, 25MPa, 32MPa and 40MPa varieties with standard delivery included for a 15km radius from our two offices. Our Block Fill Concrete adheres to Australian Standard AS:1379 – Specification and Supply of Concrete requirements.

Details on our complete Block Fill Concrete range can be seen in the table below.

Block Fill Concrete
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Block Fill Concrete Product Range

Reference Description Unit
20MPAB 20mpa Blockfill Standard Delivery (15km radius) m3
25MPAB 25mpa Blockfill Standard Delivery (15km radius) m3
32MPAB 32mpa Blockfill Standard Delivery (15km radius) m3
40MPAB 40mpa Blockfill Standard Delivery (15km radius) m3
Reference Description Unit
Extra Charge Extra Charge when over 15km from plant to the site Note: $ Rate x Km over 15km x m3 on order m3
Minimum Load Applies to all loads under 3m3 delivered under 15km after 15km extra cartage applies as per above m3
Concrete Disposal Extra Cartage for disposal of unused concrete returned from site m3
Concrete Testing 3 Cylinder test plus 1 slump test Test
Colour Oxide Extra charges for wash out fee for Coloured Concrete Mix m3
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