Metal Bar Chairs

Metal Bar Chairs are primarily utilised to set reinforcing mesh and bars into correct positions which assists with the prevention of exposure to corrosion and other environmental elements. The steel legs are covered in a plastic film to assist with protection.

Metal Bar Chairs are able to used in beams, vertical walls, suspended concrete slabs and slab on ground applications. Available in a complete range of sizes from 20mm to 340mm. Plastic-tipped Metal Bar Chairs are supplied in bags of 25, 50 or 100, please see our full range of sizes below. We also stock and supply Metal Chair Bases.

They won’t require any adjustment after the concrete pour and they assist with the consistent placement of reinforcing in slabs. It is recommended that plastic-tipped wire bar chairs aren’t utilised close to coastlines. Check out our other reinforcing accessories.

Metal Bar Chairs
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Metal Bar Chair Sizes

Reference Height (mm) No. Per Bag
PTBC020 20 100
PTBC025 25 100
PTBC030 30 100
PTBC040 40 100
PTBC050 50 100
PTBC065 65 100
PTBC075 75 100
PTBC085 85 100
PTBC090 90 100
PTBC100 100 100
PTBC110 110 50
PTBC120 120 50
PTBC130 130 50
PTBC140 140 50
PTBC150 150 50
PTBC160 160 50
PTBC170 170 50
PTBC180 180 50
PTBC190 190 50
PTBC200 200 50
PTBC210 210 50
PTBC220 220 50
PTBC230 230 50
PTBC240 240 50
PTBC250 250 50
PTBC260 260 50
PTBC270 270 50
PTBC280 280 25
PTBC290 290 25
PTBC300 300 25
PTBC320 320 25
PTBC340 340 25
Reference Max Size (mm) Chart Height (mm) No. Per Pack
SM-BASE 150 Diameter 20 – 180 100
LM-BASE 230 Diameter 190 – 300 50
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