Plastic Bar Chairs

Plastic Bar Chairs are an accessory utilised in concreting applications to support both the reinforcing bar and mesh as well as to ensure the correct coverage of concrete over the reinforcement area. In summary, Plastic Bar Chairs are for the purpose of positioning mesh in the concrete slab.

Please take a moment to browse our range of plastic bar chairs and plastic reinforcement spacers below and reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

Plastic Bar Chairs
Plastic Fastwheel Spacers

Plastic Reinforcement Spacers

We carry stock of Plastic Fastwheel spacers, suitable for precast walls and coloumns, as well as Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs (Mesh Type) and Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs (Bar Type).

Our products utilise a convenient clip system which allows them to be fast and simple to use whilst also minimising any unwanted movement. If you require a spacing solution we are sure to have something that will suit your needs.

Full details of our available products and sizes can be found below.

Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs (Bar Type)

Designed specifically for bars, Clip Fast Bar Chairs come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20mm to 75mm and are sold in bags of 100. They are coloured grey in order to match the natural colour of concrete and are an excellent economical product designed for good stability and reduced exposure. Can be used for tilt-up, recast and wall panels.

Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs (Bar Type) Sizes

Reference Height (mm) No. Per Bag
PCF20B 20 100
PCF25B 25 100
PCF30B 30 100
PCF40B 40 100
PCF50B 50 100
PCF65B 65 100
PCF75B 75 100

Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs (Mesh Type)

Designed specifically for Mesh, Plastic Clip Fast Bar Chairs are simple to clip on and are commonly used in tilt-up, precast and wall panels. They are able to be used with various wire sizes and are sold by Reozone in bags of 100. Heights range from 20mm to 75mm. Each chair is designed to be installed at the intersection of the mesh, to allow for increased stability and strength. Each clip has a grey colour and if you want to maximise aesthetics then used with Clip Fast bases.