Plain Round Bars

Plain Round Bars are frequently utilised for separation of mesh within concrete slabs. Applications include industrial, infrastructure and commercial uses. What is Plain Round Bar used for? Common uses include footings, beams, walls, partition panels, ties and lifting, slabs, columns, precast products and concrete piers.

Reozone manufacture their Plain Round Reinforcing Bars (Class N – Normal Ductility) in 250 MPa and 6mm to 20mm diameter sizes. Supplied in 6m stock lengths. If you require a specific size please contact our friendly staff to discuss.

Plain Round Reinforcing Bar
Normal Ductility Class Plain Round Bars

Normal Ductility Class Plain Round Bars

The difference between deformed bars and plain round bars is that deformed bars are made of steel with a deformation on their surface which is designed to assist with minimising slippage when installed into concrete by providing an increase in the bond for two materials. The tensile stress in deformed bars is higher than plain round bars.

Plain Round Bars are basically threadless circular rods in fixed lengths.

All Plain Round Bars supplied by Reozone comply with Australian Quality Standard AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials.

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Plain Round Bar Sizes

Reference Diameter or Size Stock Lengths (M)
R6 6 6
R10 10 6
R12 12 6
R16 16 6
R20 20 6