Trench Mesh

Reozone’s Trench Mesh reinforcing mesh sheets are manufactured in St. Marys and Sydney have dimensions of 6m lengths and widths of different sizes including 200mm to 500mm. They are manufactured for the purpose of residential footing trenches and/or industrial building concrete footing and beam reinforcement.

The main material used is Grade D500L Ribbed Reinforcement Wire. Different Longitudinal wires sizes are available from 7.6mm to 11.9mm. Crosswires are spaced at 300mm centres.

As a guide, when viewing product codes, the first digit refers to the ductility grade (L), the following number refers to the diameter of the longitudinal wires and the last three digits referring to the width in mm.

Trench Mesh
Ribbed Sheets

Low Ductility Ribbed Trench Mesh

Trench Mesh is designed and manufactured as narrow and long reinforcement sheets for specific use in paths, trenches and other relevant narrow spaces.

We suggest allowing approx. 65mm (minimum) to both the bottom and edges of the footing utilising trench mesh chairs or other types of support to keep the mesh in position.

All Trench Mesh manufactured by Reozone complies with AS/NZS 4671 – 2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials. Associated Australian Standards include:

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Trench Mesh Sizes