Trench Mesh Ligatures are pieces of steel reinforcing bar that are used to create reinforcing steel cages. Trench mesh ligatures (fitments) are regularly used when creating footing cages. Other types of ligatures are commonly used for the construction of pile cages, bored piers, column cages, and suspended beams.

Ligatures provide the necessary reinforcement needed in all types of soil conditions including soft or wet soils where heavy loads can cause liquefaction and collapse without proper support. Trench Mesh Ligatures offer many advantages over other forms of ground reinforcement due to their ability to be installed quickly by hand.

Trench Mesh Ligatures are manufactured from either ribbed or smooth wire which is also available with a galvanized finish.

What are ligatures used for in concrete?

Ligatures are commonly used for the constructions of footing cages, pile cages, bored piers, column cages, and suspended beams. We have written an easy to follow guide on how to lay trench mesh which might be of interest to you.

Interesting fact

Did you know that Trench mesh ligatures have been used for over 40 years. Their use dates back all the way to World War II when the U.S. Department of Defense began testing their use in trench shields and trench boxes.

Trench Mesh Ligatures