Ute Mesh

Ribbed Square Ute Mesh has been purposely designed to allow for easy and legal transportation via a Ute or other small truck (without overhang). It is cut in convenient 4m (length) by 2m (width) size, 8m2. It is ideally suited for smaller jobs or areas that have narrow access.

Ute Mesh is a concrete steel reinforcing mesh, or Reo mesh as it is also known for general purpose concrete applications. Common uses include driveways, footpaths, precast panels and pavement. Browse our other mesh offerings.

As a general guide, around 8 Bar Chairs are needed per standard sheet of Ute Mesh.

Ute Mesh
Square Rib Ute Mesh

Square Rib Ute Mesh

Reozone manufacture their Square Rib Ute Mesh from Low Ductility Grade L Ribbed Wires. The Ribbed profile assists with bonding to reduce concrete cracking that can be prevalent when shrinkage occurs.

When adopting correct handling methods, Ute Mesh is able to be carried by a single person. Reozone supply in SL62, SL72 as well as SL82 sizes.

All Ute Mesh manufactured by Reozone is compliant with Australian Quality Standards which include:

  • AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials
  • AS 2870 : 2011 Residential Slabs And Footings – Construction
  • AS 3727 : 1993 Guide to Residential Pavements
  • AS 3600 : 2009 Concrete Structures
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Ute Mesh Sizes

Reference Longitudinal Wires (mm) Edge Wires (mm) Cross Wires (mm) Mass Kg
SL62UTE 6 @ 200 6 @ 200 18
SL72UTE 6.75 @ 200 6.75 @ 200 22
SL82UTE 7.6 @ 200 7.6 @ 200 30