Advantages of Using Waffle Pods in Your Concrete Slab

With the cost of construction rising by the day, it’s crucial to look for more affordable and effective construction methods. Recent developments have seen structural engineers turning to one such improvement: waffle pod slabs.

Waffle pods are seen as a ‘clever’ approach to assist with modern-day construction. The cleverness comes via the use of expanded polystyrene materials which are both lightweight and simple to handle.

Beyond being less labour-intensive, there are many advantages of waffle pods. We take a look at some of these below.

Benefits of Using Waffle Pod Slabs

1. They Are Cost-Effective

These slabs are cost-effective in terms of preparation and during the building process. Their lightweight nature eliminates the cost of labour-intensive trenching. The preparation process is also simpler and faster, which reduces the cost of labour.

During construction, waffle pod slabs reduce the overall cost because they use less concrete. The installation process is also faster and simpler. Also, you will spend less on the framework, which requires less steel and concrete volume.

2. Simplified Construction Process

Waffle pod slabs simplify the construction process. This is due to their interconnecting components. These slabs are also lightweight and don’t use much concrete.

Setting up the slab site doesn’t take a lot of time. This entails less time devoted to set-up and savings on other construction expenses such as hiring building machinery.

3. Strong Structural Stability

If you are looking to create a strong structure that can go for decades without showing any signs of damage, waffle pod slabs are the way to go.

This system features greater stiffness and strength compared to conventional footing methods. It offers greater resistance to cracking. This means your structure will be long-lasting and safer. Since waffle pod slabs are built on–ground, they are seismically stronger.

4. Improves Safety

Waffle pod slabs are effective for public buildings that carry a lot of weight due to their efficiency in vibration control. They have a two-directional reinforcement. This offers better vibration control capacity. It means the structure can stand the vibration created by crowd movements.

Besides vibration control, these slabs are stronger and less prone to cracking. They have a higher load-carrying capacity compared to other slab techniques. This makes them safer for modern construction. You can use them when constructing commercial buildings that experience a lot of traffic.

Advantages of Waffle Pods

5. Makes Other Construction Services Simpler

When constructing a house, you have to consider the implementation of plumbing pipes, lighting systems, air conditioning, and electrical wiring. Waffle pod slabs provide the perfect depth to create holes in the bottom surface. This makes the installation of various systems easier and less time-consuming.

6. Environmentally Friendly

These slabs use specific concrete quantities. As such, they reduce wastage and environmental impact. You also don’t have to deal with the disposal of excavated rubble. Reduced trenching means there is minimal soil disturbance. This is a great boost to the environment and can be a major selling point for clients.

Final thoughts

There are numerous advantages of waffle pods that make them a great investment. If you would like to understand whether they would be suitable for your next construction project please reach out to the friendly staff at Reozone.