SL72 mesh, a vital component in modern construction, serves multiple purposes in reinforcing concrete structures. It’s a steel mesh made of 6.75mm wires at 200mm intervals, ensuring strength and stability in various applications.

SL72 Mesh Applications

SL72 mesh is commonly used in:

  • Concrete Pavements: It reinforces walkways, roads, driveways, and other pavement areas, enhancing durability.
  • Residential Construction: Ideal for raft slabs and footings, it provides foundational support in homes.
  • Structural Applications: Complying with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4671, it’s essential in structural reinforcements.

Advantages and Installation

The mesh’s uniform structure promotes even distribution of stress, preventing cracks. It requires approximately 14 bar chairs per sheet for proper positioning within concrete slabs. This ensures that the mesh functions optimally, delivering increased strength and crack resistance to the concrete.

What does SL mean in SL72 mesh?

The term “SL” in SL72 mesh refers to “Square Ligature.” This designation is used in the Australian steel reinforcing industry to categorise mesh types. The numbering indicates the diameter and spacing of the wires used for this specific ‘SL’ mesh type. For example, SL72 the ‘7’ represent the diameter (7mm) of the wires, which are on a grid of 200mm apart, represented by the ‘2’, reflecting its density and strength characteristics. This classification helps in identifying the suitable mesh type for various construction applications based on weight and strength requirements.

How thick is SL72 mesh?

SL72 mesh is made with wires that are each 6.75mm in diameter. This thickness contributes to its strength and suitability for various concrete reinforcement applications.

What mesh should I use in a driveway?

For driveways, the choice of mesh depends on the specific requirements of the project. Typically, a stronger mesh like SL72 could be a good choice due to its higher weight and strength, making it suitable for areas with moderate to heavy traffic. However, the exact requirements can vary based on factors like soil type, expected load, and driveway size. Consulting with the steel reinforcement experts from Reozone is recommended to determine the most appropriate type of mesh for your specific driveway project.