Many types of construction now turn to reinforced concrete as an ideal material. However, the need to have reinforced concrete for slabs placed on the ground still generates a lot of debates. People may need to understand the properties of concrete and the types of reinforcement systems available to understand why there is a difference in opinion. More can be found here.

When is Reinforcement Needed?

It is useful to start by knowing some properties of concrete. With the sand and rock contained in concrete, they help concrete slabs resist damage caused by compression. However, you will have just one-tenth of the compressive strength when it comes to concrete’s tensile strength. Virtually, a failure of the concrete’s tensile strength can cause crack and breaks. Systems often used to reinforce concrete are aimed at enhancing the slab’s tensile strength. Learn more about What is the Use of Mesh.

Reinforcement Systems Available

The most typical reinforcement systems rely on reinforcing mesh or rebar. By incorporating the reinforcing mesh into a concrete slab, the addition will help to distribute the tensile weight more evenly. Another concrete reinforcing method is to add steel fibers to the mix. You won’t be able to increase your slab’s ability for support through reinforcement systems for heavier loads or prevent cracks from forming. When you consult professionals at Reozone Steel Reinforcement, St. Mary, they recommend that reinforcement systems avoid spalling and keep the cracks tighter.

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